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Place: lounge room

Poison: diet coke

Favourite things: bunches of iris’ for 4.50 each!!

This week I took the plunge towards the digital revolution that is burgeoning in Australia. I brought a TiVo. My life will never be the same again.

That is quite dramatic I know, and considering my former posts on consumerism, I must sound like a total sell out!

However there are some technologys that help our time management and life that they more than make up for themselves.

TiVo is basically a digital set top box that interfaces with re Internet to record shows and find what you like from free to air tv.

I had heard so much about it but never knew how much it can save money and time, by streamlining your tv viewing to only the shows you absolutely love.

So no more sitting watching stupid tv shows that fill your mind with junk and pessimism, but allowing u a choice to watch only that which you love and program.

Tivo and I are currently in a relationship.

For now anyway, until a new love comes along…