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setting the table for inspiration

Place: My new desk and office

Poison: a vanilla candle

Favourite Things: The quad association op shop

Last week in a moment of desperation I trawelled local op shops in search of some inspiration. Behind a pile of dust, underneath a warehouse roof that was falling down, in the corner of a junk filled space, a moment of inspiration was uncovered. A new relationship started between me and a new writing desk.

I scoured the internet looking for a website to inform me of anything from its history, but no avail. It is old and scratched. It has a leather top with coffee mug stains and gold leaf patterning on the corners and I am in love.

I set it up yesterday with my besties who picked it up with a huge budget truck for me, and now it sits and waits setting the table for inspiration.

To sit at a table with purpose and atmosphere, set looking out my window over the laneway that our house is set in, produces the much needed encouragement to write, to sit, to think, to draw, to breathe in, to design, to unveil future prospects.

Sometimes all it takes is a rearrangement of furniture, a trip to an op shop to find something unloved by someone, but a treasure to the explorer, to unlock a fresh new stream of inspiration and creativity.

Set the table for inspiration today.

It’s awaiting discovery.