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Poetic inspiration.

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Kym rolle has shifted to town.

One of my capture readers wrote a poem and sent it in via email and I wanted to share it with you all.

Interpretation is yours alone.

Admist dying leaves
there is no pleasure
no one to please.
Time is meaningless,
a spinning wheel,
Forever turning seamlessly.
Drops of water
but one ocean
dancing with each other
lost in the motion.
As everyone blossoms
the end is near.
The end of assumptions,
the end of fear.
There has to be ash
for new creation
– happend in a flash
the end of stagnation.
Reality shall be recognised
truth be revealed
Eternally loosing disguise.
Someone to make you strong,
to take your hand,
lead you where you belong.
Never question the hand 
that feeds you
strengthen the band
let it lead you…
and nothing will 
ever be the same
Andrea Fisher
I heart words
Have a great Thursday