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a stampede of wild horses

Place: My new desk at home

Poison: Rose tea in a big old teapot

Favourite Things: LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG weekends.

I walked into my new favourite cafe today and paid of an outstanding bar tab (yes they let me make a tab, because of no card facilities) and I grabbed a takeaway coffee and just then I saw it, hiding beneath the crumpled daily paper, admist poached egg encrusted plates. The newish ‘Frankie’ magazine and I remembered my subscription had run out. I hadnt read this issue yet and my takeaway became a dine in and I plowed through its delicious pages of inspiration.

I found website after website that I tagged, in my phone, with the promise for going on an inspiration hunt as soon as I got to my laptop.

And that I did.

So over the next few days I will do some odes to the pages I found and hopefully you too might be inspired.


check it out.