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life as we know it is changing! YAYYYYYY!!

Place: My Office

Poison: Poached eggs on toast

Favourite Things: Vanilla Candles

‘The world is in transition economically, politically, environmentally and the changes that are radically transforming how we communicate, what we value, and how we live affect us all.’

I read this on the American Craft Councils website and I stood up and applauded!

I am so excited that we are forced to look at our consumerism and our materialism and are having to take a big deep breath and say, what the hell are we living for…

I am not excited for those, including my closest of friends who are loosing their jobs at this time, but I am so challenged and expectant about the way it is forcing our culture to change its ways.

A life of reinvention, rather than mass production. A life of local produce versus planes flying in water from the alps of france and charging $15 a bottle and costing the environment so much more than our egos. A life of family focus rather than work obsession. Now thats a culture and a life that I will lean into.

Fling your arms wide open and breath in the air that is supposed to be fresh and clean. Switch of your computers, televisions, TIVO (yes talking to myself here) and walk with your loved ones, swinging your arms as you clutch each others hands knowing that perfection is a lie sold to us from Hollywood.

Close your eyes and imagine a stream of creativity that is unstoppable and unquenachable as we start to create our own lives rather than the reality television obsession that is forced upon us by the masses.

Stand up in your uniqueness.

Stand strong for the next generation.

Change the world.

We are the only ones who ever could.