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The soloist

Place: aeroplane

Poison: Diet coke

Favourite things: in house entertainment

I am watching the most intriguing movie ‘the soloist’, about a man living on the street Nathanial Aires, who is the most amazing violinist who is homeless.

Mental illness is so devestating and the truth is every person living on the streets has a whole story of circumstances that lead them to a plae where they live today.

I am so heartened towards helping those who find themselves homeless and I truly don’t live in a place of pity. I am respectful of the choices and the stories that has lead them to that place of vulnerability.

A quote from the film ‘You got something special here a way out’, Nathanial is the most amazing musician whose dream is to play beethoven eternally.

So gifted yet he found himself so unable to keep his everyday life and daily circumstances under control. I love the whole message of this movie and also the awareness that every person who is homeless has dreams and gifts, that they once laid awake at night thinking of.

I loved his mother when he was young who said this…’You know what I hear when I hear music, God’.

Every man or woman whose home is made on a sidewalk, has memories and stories that need to be respected and documented.

Every life has value. So put away your judgements, that immediately categorize them into drug addicts and prostitutes and take time to sit and reflect with them of the dreams and desires that once kept them awake at night.

Every person was born with purpose and dignity. Are you a bestower or robber of that right every human being deserves…