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Chicken soup

Place: my lounge

Poison: soursop green tea

Favourite things: blue velvet cushions

I’m on a health kick and in the pursual of shedding a few kilos I have gone soup crazy.

Whenever I say I have cooked soup for dinner my flatmate rolls his eyes with that look that implies no not soup, serve me meat woman!

Hilarious. The truth is though, soup has such a bad reputation as it’s seen to be boring and just a starter rather than a whole meal.

I however am on a mission to change that! This week I have made a curry pumpkin and carrot soup, a lamb and vege soup and tonight I just made a thai chicken corn and basil soup.

And from the smell raging my sinus cavities right now the last is most assuradely my finest accomplishment.

What in your life is in need of some reinvention?

Take some creative time and some purposed thought and reinvention is just moments away…

What shall be my next soup?

Morrocan avocado?