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Place: aeroplane

Poison: magnum icecream

Favourite things: the penguin book renaissance

I spend a lot of plane time dreaming. Therenis something about a plane, especially when the entertainment system is broken and it would be embarressing to get up anymore times to visit the ladies, that brings out my dreaming brain.

I have been so inspired by a book called SUMO by Paul Mc gee in regards to our vision, our dreams and how we communicate with others.

I desperatly want live a life of influence, not to just be famous, but to truly know that I have given life my all!

This quote from his book completely jammed me…

‘Start where you are, with what you have and never loose sight of your dreams…’

So simple but I circled it dramatically in my book and reminded myself that despite the season I find myself in, (one of lamentation and crisis) the dreams and bigger picture of my life, provides so much perspective in the midst of chaos.

Dream Amanda, insert your name here, dream …..( ) life is never over till the fat lady sings.

that’s special!