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Place: My Loungeroom

Poison: Coke Zero

Favourite Things: Celebrity Masterchef

I am so excited, I am shifting house, in fact I have put an offer on my own little place of paradise. It has been such a big journey of saving and feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

In the midst of the excitement of a new season, I have been going through all my bits and bobs and chucking out lots and lots. After many trips to the op shop I am finally in a place where I am reengineering the things I love and creating a new canvas of colour and inspiration for my little beach shack!

I will be shifting in a couple of months time and I have been changing alot of my style to reflect beachside living instead of inner apartment. Im not going to go cliche and loose all my vintage style, but just tweaking it with a little more blue and white than usual.

So to compliment this lifestyle change, I recovered one of my favourite chairs today and an ottoman, in the most stunning flocked blue velvet and a teal and soft blue stripe.

Ahhh, so exciting. It was an afternoon of re-engineering after a long sleep as I have been quite unwell of late.

Anyway, hoping to put up more photos in this next season that I am embarking on.

Re-engineer those staples in your house that you love. It will unlock a fresh palatte of inspiration.