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living an inspired life…

place: my loungeroom

poison: coke zero

favourite things: a walk on the beach

Im home fresh from a walk on the beach, it was wooly and windy but still a delight for the senses. Im sure im the only person on the planet who struggles with this, but why does it take me hours to convince myself to get out and go for a walk and then it only takes one minute to be grateful and to fill up on the hormones it induces in my body!

This afternoon I was so inspired by Elaine, who did a workshop with our teaching team called destination inspiration. It reminded me how much I have lost my passion for inspiration. When I wrote capture one, I was a buzz with inspiration. So what is it, that has stolen my passion.




Whatever it is, this afternoon at the beach I made peace with it and declared war on apathy in my life and determined myself to once again live an inspired life.

I don’t think an inspired life is one that is bubbly and frothy, because that would have been such an unnatural response to the season I have been in over the last year. Inspired living is unveiled when we live our lives with our eyes wide open. Looking for the good, not necessarily the bad. Open to conversations with random people and things. (smile: i often talk with things, you should see me cook)

Writing, not for the sake of anything but just writing because I love it.

Not caring, about my train of thoughts and the end result, just documenting the little things that inspire and make me smile.

I hunger for inspiration, to live inspired.

How about you?

Step one…

open my eyes and expect inspiring moments…