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Place: the movies

Poison: water

Favourite things: my mums!

We are at the movies watching Julie and Julia and it’s my second time watching the movie.

I’m not that great at watching a movie once due to slight ADD, but this movie is so worth a second go round.

As I sit here I’m inspired to do a 30 day challenge. Julie Powell in the movie cooks her way through a cookbook for
365 days. I thought I could start a 30 day project counting down to summer.

30 days of summer inspiration…

I’m needing some inspiration so this is what I am thinking.

Write a blog everyday
Go for a 30 min walk everyday
Drink 3 litres of water everyday
No fake sugar products- am quite over the chemical frenzy I find myself in with coke zero and the like.

That’s it!!!

30 days in the lead up to summer I’m ready for a fresh take on inspiration!

See ya tomorrow