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day one

Place: Lounge room

Poison: fish curry

Favourite Things: Make your own drugs (a tv show on the lifestyle channel, homemade remedies)

Water intake: 2 litres so far

Coke zero: nil

Walk: running shoes on

Well day one has begun. I trawled through my granmas garden and got bunches of nesteriums (a flower you can use in a salad), a huge bunch of parsley and a handful of garlic chives. The sun is blaring and I am ready to make a roast chicken and kickin salad for dinner tonight.

Drinking lots of water is such a great flush out of the winter blues. The pain is that you find yourself needing to flush much more often, but a little pain for much gain.

I think winter is such a killer of inspiration because it encourages hibernation, stodgy comfort foods and the remote is so much more enticing than my running shoes.

So Im ready to freshen up my outlook with some passion and work ethic to bring about some inspiration.

You needing a bit of a freshen up?

Do my thirty day challenge with me. Choose four lifestyle choices you want to change and document your journey for 30days.

30 days is enough time to form new habits.

Ahhh, inspired