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Day 2…it’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas

Place: church

Poison: water

Favourite things: the smell of Christmas in the air, or sleeping with my balcony door wide open and smelling the beach air!

Water: struggling, need to get onto it.

Walk: after church

Coke zero: nope!

Well day two and I’m still quite inspired. Such a great way to begin a day with a smell of expectation. The expectation I felt today was the smell of summer. I can’t explain the smell but it makes me think and feel like singing Christmas carols.

I brought a 5 dollar record player this year and my intention is to start a new Christmas tradition of pre dinner record playing through December.

I love traditions and finding ways to express family and fun in new ways. Traditions are like a coat rack at your front door, you hang that which is important and special that you always know where things belong.

Belonging is imperative in family health. A tradition as simple as it is, is so important to creating belonging in your family.

Another christmas tradition is our yearly gtcc christmas cookie bake off! So excited.

Anyways, confirming that 2 1/2 litres of water to go, a walk and nooooo coke zero!!!

Ahh, it’s not really the coke zero it’s the crazy chemicals that are added to make you think you’ve had sugar.

this 30 day journey is all about a spring clean of my mind and body!

come on the journey with me


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