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Place: home


Favourite things: working from home

walk: not yet, but yesterdays was hilarious.

water: on the toilet constantly!

Coke zero: nil

I’m into day three and last night I already hit a road block. I was sharing my little 30 day challenge with a friend and they very unhelpfully said it was way overdue! Harsh but true. I was cut, and immediately saw the potential to give up in a huff prooving that I don’t have to do this for anyone but myself.

Funny because the decision or response to this criticism was the complete opposite of what I thought I was acheiving.


Give me a minute.

So my immediate natural reaction was, I’ll show you long overdue, I don’t have to do this for anyone but myself and I so wanted to stop this challenge to proove that he was wrong.

Anyway, a nights sleep and an apology later and I’ve realized, overdue or not this thirty days is actually about shaking the cobwebs from my mind and committing to a new perspective.

Whether you hit walls or not, friends discourage or encourage, failure attempts to lure you to a place of apathy, nothing is achieved without challenge and sacrifice.

So 30 days of summer inspiration, I’m still here. Long overdue or not!!

Just tell the critics to go criticize something else!


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