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Place: Lounge room

Posion: Water

Favourite Things: Little children running under the sprinklers in spring

Water: yes

Walk: yes still sweating

Coke zero: just made it…those damn product placements in the aisle at the checkout.

Well day five, here we are and seriously nearly fell off the wagon! I was in the check out aisle at the supermarket and coke zero was calling my name. It was saying, don’t worry, just a little bit of chemicals wouldnt hurt. Come on you can do it, whose going to know. Ahhh.

I did say no, and quickly beckoned the operator to hurry, but it showed me such a great illustration about accountability.

So often I make quick decisions to make changes or goals that I want to bring into my everyday and its only when they are tempered with accountability am I more able to combat the challenge.

I have been working on a book for a year, a new one. Working is not really the truth, I wrote it and then it has been printed out once and thats it. I think the main reason why I havent done alot on this project is that the urgent has preceeded the important in my life. It has been an urgent type of year, with many highs and lows, enough dramas for a record breaking reality tv show. However I believe that anyone who is wading against the culture we find ourselves in and doing their best to live a large life will always encounter obstacles.

I believe it is accountability which demands that the important come into the foreground of our lives and the urgent take a back seat. It doesnt mean we don’t attend to the urgent, but we just prioritise the time that the urgent sucks out of our everyday.

What is important in your life that has taken a hit because of the urgent?

Take time to reprioritise today and find a way to become more accountable.

oh, to heed my own advice. Now that is a challenge.


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