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Nearly missed it!

Place: bed

Poison: water

Favourite Things: my pjs

Walk: yes with bonnie!

coke zero: no, even though it’s my favourite thing to have with Vietnamese.

Water: yes

Today we had our creative development meeting for 2010, which I lead the team for…tonight we had the dress rehearsal for our women event next week hertime occasion with marina prior and friends!

I am here in bed post watching the last 10 minutes of secret millionaire and bawling and I am so spent!

It’s great to get to the end of a day and know you are spent! That you have given the day all you can. Mistakes and all, but you gave it your best shot.

Today I really gave my best, tried to resolve wrongs, encourage and inspire te new and rest in the knowledge that I just gave it a go.

That’s today

Nearly missed it…but made it. Some days are just like that.


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