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Place: bed

Posion: water

Favourite things: milking my birthday

Coke zero: nooooo

Walk: yes ish

water: yes

Ahh fresh from a massage, I have so many excuses why I didn’t blog yesterday.

1) my birthday
2) held two events, three if you include the after party.
3) I was staying in a hotel.
4) forgot my walking shoes.
5) spent to much time on facebook checking all my birthday love.
6) had a glass of wine at 3pm.
7) refused to walk into my office where my laptop was.
8) did I already state how busy I was?
9)the stars weren’t aligned.
10) my thumbs were too sore from too much…um…what do thumbs do? Eating.
11) no one knows in my family about this little 30 day venture, so no one to hold mr accountable.
12) my current crush only textd for my birthday wish, no phone call or visit. Spose that’s why it’s called a crush. They crush you!
13) did I mention how busy I am and our event was a sell out!

Excuse is ever enough (beside from say a fatality..) if you commit to something just do it.

Thus endeth the rant.


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