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Place: loungeroom

Poison: champagne

Favourite things: black nail polish

Water: yes

Coke zero: no

Walk: yes

I am officially the worse nail polish applier in the world. I dropped nail polish on the floorboards! Ahhhhh and I think I got more on my cuticle than my nail beds. No girl can host a party without it however.

I am waiting for my guests to arrive with three home made pizzas in the oven, lots of treat bags with white rocky road, champagne on ice and I’m excited!

I love to host parties and to feast on life. To take time to celebrate one another. I meet so many people who are afraid of hosting people, the house though is the most amazing resteraunt no matter it’s state of repair.

This week I watched Jamie Oliver and he went to some illegal resteraunts in America, peruvian resteraunts, Egyptian, Greek and creaole and I was in love.

I am thinking I’d love to start an under ground resteraunt, maybe at my new flat that’s just what I might do.

When was the last time you hosted a party for no reason at all. Open your door l, send out a simple invite, cook up some lovely fun filled treats. I am sure you will create a night in to remember…

Party hard


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