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Feast on life

Place: church

Poison: long black

Favourite things: birthday presents…

walk: not yet

Water: need to drink more

coke zero: nope, last night was so tempting at my party but I stood firm.

Our new theme for the month is feast on life… I’m excited. Feast on life. So often christians are the ones with the placards and the jargon that condemns everyone to darkness.

However I see more scriptures about life and life to the fullest.

Celebrate each day with the ones you love…focus on that which is inspiring and delightful than all that is bad.

Personally I have been so challenged about complaining. So often I can fall into a place of complaining or criticism/ sarcasm. How is that helpful in anyway! I am trying my hardest to stop complaining and feast on life.

He sets a table before me in the presence of my enemies!

love it

Laugh. Love. Learn. Live…


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