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Place: sotos

Poison: long black

Favourite things: my new black bday dress

Coke zero: nope

Water: yes

Walk: yes

Writing a blog on an iPhone is the ultimate of stretching…after painfully typing every word on the little touch screen of this post I lost the whole lot when someone rung me out of the blue!

Take two…

In the last twenty four hours one of my closest friends got news that her dad has cancer and I also got a hard decision to make regarding my new property that I am bursting to shift into.

I can’t begin to explain how stretching this year has been with the financial melt down, close friends loosing their jobs, operations, rehab…definately a large stretch.

Today I’m so thankful for my 30 day challenge as it’s providing perspective in the midst of my madness.

I was reading Oswald Chambers today and he reminded me that the stretch brings intimacy and trust into our closest relationships if we let it!

Stretching times enabled Oswald to write like this…’i find faith as natural as breathing, And I am staggered when I think how foolish I have been not trusting Him earlier.’

When we are stretched it forces us to trust or freak out, there is no in between. When life is casara sara we live in the in between land of whatever will be.

As much as the stretch is uncomfortable, the more I trust, the more faith comes as natural as breathing, the more I am
Enabled to live a large life of risk.

Help me

I’m out of control…and trying to love it!


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