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A new landscape

Place: My Office
Poison: Coke Zero
Favourite Things: My new Ipad

I have been chewing on this quote quite alot over the last few weeks…

‘The real voyage of discovery, lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes’

This quote is from Marcel Proust.

What I have been musing on, is the perception of escapism when it comes to inspiration.

If only I could get away to a secluded place, If only I could go on a holiday, if only I didn’t have this responsibility…then maybe I could find that place of peace/ inspiration.

However, I am discovering that inspiration can be found in the mundane, its just asking for new eyes to change your perception.

For example a hugh pile of paperwork…

As I look at the paper work, its like- Ahhhhhh no way, I just need to escape it, can’t wait to get the clutter out of my desk, cupboard or pile….

Yet those times I seek and search through paper work, I always discover a gold mine, of reciepts that remind me of that lovely date we had, a card from a friend with words that make me smile, a photo that evokes a deep memory.

Seeing the pile of extra papers, suddenly becomes a place of inspiration and delight.

Seek and ask for new eyes, wherever you find yourself my creative friend.

Inspiration is there to be found, we just need to look for it…


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