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Save the date

Place: on the couch

Poison: pepsi max

Favourite things: my family!

Tonight my family went into production line mode and worked on our save the dates. Hilarious, crazy, delightful and funny are all words that describe the moment that we all engaged in.

For us all to be in a room together working on something so important to me was the making of a special memory.

What is it about your family dinner table?

As we gathered the stories unravelled…Granma started talking about 1968…the red wine flowed…

Inspiration is really potent, when you take time to do things together. A task, a group of people, chocolate and red wine…I am amazed at what can be uncovered…

Capture welcome to my 6 month count down to I say I do…

Starting with our save the dates…

Wedded bliss standby


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