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A new year

Place: Kuta Bali

Poison: a terrible cup of coffee

Favorite things: my 87 year old Granma in a Bali dress.

A new year is upon us. As I performed some of my regular new year rituals, I read the last 6 years of reflections in my little moleskin, that consentina’s out to show my rambling new year thoughts.One thing I have learnt is six years, seems like a long time, but in the light of eternity it’s so short.

Maybe after 50 years of new years reflections I may have something useful to say.

My mum and Granma arrived in Bali last night and I’m overwhelmed at the opportunity we have to spend time together as a family.

It’s my dads 60th and it’s my cousins Belinda and nicks wedding renewal. Day by day our party of fourty is arriving on tis humble island ready to spend time together.

Whenever I arrive in Asia, I am always humbled by the opportunities we have in Australia and how much we take for granted.

The simplicity of a glass of water from a tap, being able to brush our teeth from our bathroom sink, the security that I infection is not just around the corner and a more certain belief in the justice system and a fair go.

This island is rife with blackmail, trafficking of children, poverty and lack of clean sanitation.

On new years eve, Charl and I walked through the myriads of revellers on Kuta beach, confused by the rain, mixed with incessant fireworks. We found a little child on the corner of the street begging. We asked three times where is your mum and dad? Knowing if we gave her money it would go straight in her pimps back pocket, to pay a long standing generational debt that wasn’t going anywhere soon. We looked around. Charl begged to give her money, I warned there would be a pimp close by. But we gave anyway.

We watched her run off and hand the money over to he pimp, at which Charl walked over to him and asked why?

It wasn’t worth the confrontation on a night like new years, but there is a major benefit in situations like this, when Charl looks so buff!

That is a very small part of the new year celebrations from this year.

Defiantly my best new year yet…with the promise of marriage, love and a new decade.

I’m thankful.

Hoping to post a lot more on my travels.



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  1. Hi there Amanda!
    Hope you are having the best time away! Just wanted you to know that all the friends that I gave your book to over Christmas LOVE it!
    I’m also working through your book since the 1st and blogging about it everyday as I go!
    Please stop by and check it out :: I think you might get a few more sales soon!
    With love & best wishes
    Stacey Clark

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