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on the second day…

Place: In Bed

Poison: water

Favorite Things: Michael Buble’s Christmas Album

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…random acts of kindness and love and a place to express creativity.

It never ceases to amaze me how in the pursuit of something so noble as Christmas, it brings out the very worst in people. As I drive people honk in impatience, speed through pedestrian walkways and shove trolley’s into nameless crowds.

I’m not saying I’m immune to hurriedness but today I am trying to remind myself in the midst of my tasks, to focus on people more than my watch.

Random acts of kindness and love in this season will do so much more for someone than another pair of socks! Whether we find ourselves in a queue and someone pushes in or we are late and three people walk across the zebra crossing at a snails pace, lets take a breath and ask silently for perspective.

Perspective often doesn’t come easily, but when provoked is sobering. Yesterday home sick from work with a really sore back, six and a half months pregnant, all I wanted was a hot shower, a bed and a fan. Two out of the three were not possible because our bathroom is being renovated. This means no fan and more painfully no shower.

We have a guest arriving this Saturday from Malaysia and with Christmas in10 or so days, this coupled with pain did not fare well for my husband when he arrived home from work last night. Annoyance, frustration and stress are so often played out at this time of year on our closest.

As I reflected today on friends who will be spending this Christmas in the humidity and danger in the slums of Bangkok this Christmas, as I spoke to my mum who was preparing for her food run today to the homeless in our city, perspective brewed and inspiration reigned.

Random acts of kindness and love to those nearest or to those you will never meet again this Christmas provide perspective and bring us all back to the essence of this season, which truly is based in people. Without people, no baby in a manger would have been born, without that baby in that manger; no reason to celebrate.

Unleash kindness rather than stress.

Celebrate with love, gained by perspective this Christmas.



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