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five rounds of hoppppppeeeeee

Place: At riverview

Poison: Pepsi Max

Favourite Things: Sitting next to Annie who has arrived from NZ this week.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a thrill of hope, four life traditions, three doses of patience, two random acts of kindness and a place to express my creativity.

All day today I am a part of our annual Christmas Production, which is entitled ‘A Thrill of Hope’ and it is an amazing way to spend my day.

The script is original written for this christmas season and it walks through the lives of a group of people in a town, guided by an older St nicolas and a hopeful young Father Christmas wanna be.

The stories of the towns folks are tough and desperate but peppered with hope.

In the midst of this service I had a call from my mum about a situation where a young girl is in a situation where she has lost hope. I had a quick chat with Donna Smith our head of community services and she said so many people have fronted up this weekend, in desperate circumstances asking for some help in some way.

Christmas is the best of times and the worst of times.

A world that longs for experiences that evoke hope and inspiration, trapped into a mindset that seems to prick any bubble of expectation with the reality of our everyday.

How do we remain hopeful, when everything seems so hopeless?

I believe that we need to rely on those around us to to breathe hope into a situation and spread a sense of confidence, that although it looks dim right now, there is always an opportunity to look up.

No matter where you find yourself this Christmas, My prayer is that hope would arise.

Sit and listen to the carols as they ring out, reflect upon the true message of Christmas.

Hopefully expectant