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six lights a shining

Place: my bed

Poison: chocolate and pistachio nuts

Favorite things: our bathroom getting tiled

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me six dazzling light displays, five thrills of hope, four life traditions, three doses of patience, two random acts of kindness and a place to express my creativity.

Tonight is the family night annual lights display tour. I love a house dressed up in lights, because I know how much effort the owners have gone too.

Watching Christmas movies growing up, we all know the Griswells and their terrible troubles in lighting up the neighborhood… With my levels of clutsy-ness I would be a danger to my own health if I even tried to scale our roof to hang a string of fairyness!

As we drive together, I am always stunned by the twinkle and the delight in our children’s eyes, as they gaze upon the beauty.

I believe that the greatest light of all at this time of year is the story of the star, that lead the shepherds and Kings to the birth place of a baby. A special baby that changed the course of history.

Imagine if our lives shined so brightly, that people couldn’t help to stop and stare, to point and delight at the beauty of what shines out of our hearts. In my life unfortunately I speak to quickly rather than live my life shining what I believe, leading others towards inspiration.

Lets commit to shining brightly this Christmas, letting our light affect and impact all. Without words.



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