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Seven transformed lives

Place: In Bed

Poison: Cordial

Favorite Things: first time at the Gold Class cinemas

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven transformed lives, six dazzling light displays, five thrills of hope, four life traditions, three doses of patience, two random acts of kindness and a place to express my creativity.

I have just come home from the cinemas after watching the movie ‘New Years Eve’ a little shocked because it was a fabulous moving few hours, with no killing, sex scenes or swearing.

The story interweaves many different people’s experiences on New Years Eve and it really was inspiring.

I love this time of the year and the potential for us all to reflect on the last year and to make resolutions for change. Some people have a real problem with New Years resolutions and believe we should make the changes everyday, however I am a firm believer in ritual.

The ritual of asking myself questions, reflecting upon where I have gone awry and making change at New Years has always been a significant time of decision for me.

This season reflect upon what season you find yourself in and create a ritual that inspires change…



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