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Random television shows

Place: on my couch

Poison: water

Favorite things: daytime tv

I am not bed bound very often, so daytime television is not high on my list of priorities…

I have become a daytime television junkie and it’s not something I want to continue.

I had my iPad with books sitting on my bedside table and a great new book sitting next to me, but neither got touched or even picked up.

I became a channel surfer, channel flicker, a women’s daytime television groupie.

The doctors show, the view, the circle, the morning show, dr Phil…the opportunities are endless.

Yet I somehow feel a little ripped off. A lot of pointless information, random new stories and gossip has filled my current landscape and I’m not sure I like it.

As I cruise into motherhood, spending hours watching mindless daytime tv is not a pattern I want to grow into. I want to read, write, relax and grow.

Daytime tv might not be your muse, it might be mindless surfing of YouTube or it might be an hourly fix on Facebook. Which aren’t bad in themselves, it’s just your dependency on them and the balance that they are weighed by more substantial technological brain stimulants…

I am going to have to fight the couch when Baby V arrives and find myself a routine that keeps my brain fresh and active.

But for now I can boss my husband around a little with the sympathy rating high and kick back taking it easy.

Deal or no deal?

Yes please


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