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Place: home

Poison: chocolate shake

Favorite Things: silence

I made it back to the office today after a weeks leave of absence and it was really great.


There is always a but or a however with my writing. Today I officially was the cover girl for pregnancy brain. From loosing my phone, to forgetting my lunch, I was completely unable to multitask.

For a girl who not only multitasks, I often multitask on multitask. I am like a task list on steroids. I think I hit a wall today, especially whilst in a meeting with one of my staff trying to write some copy for an Eletter, I was completely dumbfounded as I said to her ‘Michelle I’ve lost the asterisk on my computer keyboard’ not one of my finest moments, I simply sat there for 5 mins trying to find it and she had to come to my computer and help me.

The scary thing was, I’d only used it the previous sentence, 5 mins earlier.

Forgetfulness can be really annoying or really funny. Depends how we accept it.

I have a knack for going through forgetful stages especially when I am consumed with another task or a big project.

Obviously baby V is consuming some of my brain cells right now, because today was simply forgetful.

Another day tomorrow.



It’s a wonder!

Mrs V

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