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350 days of novice motherhood

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Almond crossiants

I am back at work today and I am not sure how I am going to step out of the chair for 6 months and let go.

Letting go of a season and embracing the new is never an easy transition.

Even when a season is tough and stretching and difficult, to gracefully ease into a new beginning, a new space, a new routine is never easy…

I think the more we confront the reality of the change, we process our emotions and we communicate our feelings to those close by, it really helps make the transition more effective.

Change is never easy, but life truly is experienced in its fullness when we face the reality of the season we are currently in.

Letting go of my fulltime, hardcore work vibes is easy in one sense, but in another really a challenge.

I need help?

Don’t we all sometimes.


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