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Progressive dates

Place: my couch

Poison: cranberry juice

Favorite Things: my husbands new hair cut.

Tonight I got home from work expecting a quiet night in front of the tv and my husband changed that in one decision.

He said ‘Were going on a date, soon we’re not going to find this as easy with a new baby!’ he also said ‘You’re so worthy of courting…’

Ahh, violins…candles…floating moment.

We so want to be great parents, but we believe the foundation to great parenting is a great marriage,

Great marriages are not built in front of the television, with dinner balancing on our laps.

Great marriages are built on communication and trust. These two traits are built when we take time just to be with one another and face each other at the table and delight in each others company.

So a progressive dinner ensued. Spontaneous, not overly expensive but completely priceless.

Thankyou Babe.

I loved every bit of tonight.

It is my total privilege to call you my husband.

In love


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