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6 weeks to go

Place: home

Poison: boost mango magic

Favorite things: my cot newly set up with beautiful cot set.

If the life of a mum can be explained in one word, I believe it’s the phrase ‘lay-by’.

Today I officially became a mum, I believe I came close on christmas morning when I wrapped up myself a present that I wanted and acted surprised to open it but no today I achieved mummy greatness.

I braved the Target baby sale and the. I lined up and put a heap of needed things on layby for the first time ever.

Being a late in life mummy, I’ve never had to wait to buy the things I want. I’ve never had to consider timing and safety, storage and necessity.

I’ve pretty much done what I wanted and most of my life recycled as much as possible.

There are so many baby items that can’t be recycled and so many that can.

Charl and I made an agreement we wouldn’t buy anything until after Christmas and wait for the sales. Also we knew we would get given so much also.

So today was the day…

Mummy’s and lay-bys
*just like pregnancy we have to wait for what we want.
*seems like I will be buying and thinking about my child’s needs more than my own. (not a bad thing at all!)
*checking out the prices and the specials to make the best choice.

Here’s a toast to motherhood being official. I am a lay-by card holder.

And I can’t wait to bring home the bits and bobs ready for our little person to come into our world!


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