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God of detail

Place: home

Poison: chocolate covered licorice

Favorite Things: little baby clothes

I got given a couple of things today that are just so detailed that it makes me once again so overwhelmed by my God of detail.

Ever since we first found out we were pregnant, I had quite a strong sense that God was going to give us everything we needed.

Day after day, week after week, this sense has been more than a unction, it has proved to be reality.

From cots, to prams, to clothes, pretty much everything we need has been given to us in abundance.

Last week my mum suggested I write down a list of things we need still and bit by bit this week I put some of it on Layby and today I got given some of the most amazing little things off my list.

Without anyone seeing it!

Crazy but true.

We’re grateful.

God is a man of detail and although this dream of having a child came long after I imagined it would, every part of every day I am so overwhelmed at Gods faithfulness.

This baby is a miracle in the making and more than that the miracle is still unfolding.

In awe


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