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Place: bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favorite things: new Internet at home

Ahhh, what a day!

We got up really early not wanting to waste the day and started it fresh with a swim and time of prayer.

The ocean early this morning was breathtaking and after such a peaceful start, we were hoping the day would continue in the same vein.

The day was great but peaceful is not a great adjective of our experience.

Today was the day!

Today was antenatal class day, with crazy videos and all. I have been quite proud of my chilled out demeanor through this pregnancy but today had the opportunity to upset my current vibe.

Charl and I took it all in our stride however, laughing and enjoying our time together learning all the ins and outs and ouchs of giving birth.

I am actually a real advocate of community learning. I love learning new things and skills. Every town council has brilliant free activities to learn more and do more in your locality.

Antenatal classes may not be in your season, but what classes could be? Check out your local library, your town council, your local halls, search the web.

From cooking to craft, to Eco friendly pursuits to budgeting, you’d be surprised what you can learn in a local environment.

I love it.

(maybe not the crazy birth stories part)

Keep learning.

Mrs V

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