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Positioning yourself

Place: church

Poison: water

Favorite things: my husband

Sitting in church listening to a message about position. I am reflecting upon the position that we place ourselves in life and culture.

Where do we position ourselves?

Often when I speak to people they act like the circumstances they find themselves in is everyone else’s fault but their own.

Granted there accidents in our world, where stuff happens that is out of our control, but realistically the percentage of that happening is very small.

Most of the culture we experience in our everyday moments, the circumstances we hate in our today, are results of decisions we made yesterday.

My question to myself and any of my random readers, is this…

What are you positioning yourself today for your tomorrow?

What decisions are you making today that will adversely affect your tomorrow?

Who are you spending time with in your today, that are changing the culture of your tomorrow?

Just like the simple positioning of furniture in your house, you can relocate the position of your everyday to bring change in your tomorrow.


I want to think on that a little more…

How about you?


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