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Place: My Office

Poison: Pepsi Max

Favorite Things: My Job

As I sit here today in the office arranging last minute communications and strategies, there is a foreboding sense of change. Im normally not that great at change, but the thought of a new family, baby, opportunity is really delightful.

As delightful as the change is, my heart still sits in this place of waiting. An inbetween place, a place of almost frustration.

The waiting place, is never a pleasurable experience. Its an awkward place of confusion, awaiting the opportunity of change.

I long to be in the place of nappies, sleepness nights and snuggles, yet I also want to be in this place of purpose, intentionality and growth.

Truly the growth most happens, in the waiting place.

A waiting place that teaches peace, a waiting place that teaches patience, a waiting place that grows our capacity for the place of fulfilment of promise.

Without the waiting place, maybe the promise could never arise. Without the waiting place, maybe our character couldnt sustain the new, without the waiting place, maybe the victory wouldnt taste as sweet.

The waiting place has purpose.

The waiting place is bouyed by frustration.

Lord, help me to fill my waiting place with trust not worry.

What’s your waiting place?


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