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Place: home

Poison: icy poles

Favorite things: next gen department

Today the next gen portfolio which I used to lead, gave me an afternoon tea and some love to send me off into maternity leave.

Also I had lunch with two of my favorite work colleagues from the last 10 years and I went to my final staff meeting for a while.

It was all encouraging and sad, emotional and exciting, such a mix of conflicting emotions.

The one thought I came away from today with however, was the power of community.

We were never designed to do life alone, we were never created for isolation, we were never formed for single hood.

Whether we are married or single, in a large family or small, we all were created to do life together.

As difficult as community can be sometimes because of the brokenness of humanity, the beauty of its strength way overpowers it.

If you don’t have a group of people you can call home…go find one.

It’s the best reflection of true connected life!


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