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Place: home

Poison: icy poles

Favorite things: photos

This afternoon after a long nap the job of the hour was sorting photos.

I packed my office down yesterday and before the world of digital, I was a photo junkie.

In a small apartment with no office at work for a season, I have no choice but to downsize again.

But photos, how do I get rid of them.

I had to be bold and courageous. I have more photo frames that could be possibly legal!

The local op shop is going to love my bounty tomorrow.

My corridor is full of photos in frames ready to be hung.

Is there ever such a thing as too much artwork in one house?

Maybe at our shack.

But what else is a girl who loves creativity, photography and capturing moments meant to do?

Too much art!

Is there such a thing.

In my house at the moment; yes!


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