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Place: the dome

Poison: cappuccino

Favorite things: taking time to refresh

Feeling like I need a little courage today. Trembling at the thought of change, I’m excited but truly scared at the same time. Looking around my house feeling quite intimidated that this is going to be my main hang for a while and so not sure how to fit everything that I packed down from my office into a small space.

It takes courage to look the future in the face and be honoring of the past yet loyal to the future.

I am a fiercely loyal person, yet I think I am a lot more loyal to the past than I am the future.

I need help to gain strength and vision for the future to be able to have the courage to step boldly where I have never gone before.

I have worked full time since I was 15 years old, starting my own business and rushing home from school everyday and all day Saturday to teach students dance and drama. From that I went to university and continued with my business ‘Unmasked school of theatrical arts’

Then in quite a dramatic turn of events, I ended up at Bible College and then started work at Riverview 3 months later, fast forward 12 years of creativity, events, social justice, stretch, fun, tears, brokenness and victory and I find myself here today a little confused about stepping into the unknown.

It’s not that I don’t want to be a mum, that’s been a dream and deep desire of my heart for so long, it’s giving up the sense of contribution and purpose I have had on tap for the last 20 years. (yes I am 35) wow!

I need courage today to step into the future with no regrets left over from the past.

I know I’ve been talking about the transition a lot but truly stepping into the new with fresh insight from the past is the only way we can truly be present and future minded.

I have courage to celebrate the past, but not live there.

I have courage to live in the moment yet not fix my eyes there.

I have courage to look into the future but not dismiss the present.

Where are you needing courage for today?

Are you past,present or future minded.

It truly will impact your tomorrow.

Take courage creative friend.

Mrs V

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