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Place: home

Poison: water

Favorite things: a ordered house.

One of my closest friends came and spring cleaned my wardrobe and our bathroom cabinets today, with the promise of my kitchen ones to come.

With such a small apartment, the demise of clutter was taking over the lightness of my soul and I really needed help.

She told me something she does at the beginning of every year. She cleans out every cupboard, she does a full blood test and doctors all over,she goes to the dentist and gets a skin check. Then she doesn’t need to remember when she last did them all. They are all in January.

I thought that it was a really great practice as I get older to bring order to my health and life.

My husband has been trying desperately today to finish off the little things, (that ultimately become big things!) in our pursuit of renovating before Baby V comes. Finishing off detailed and annoying jobs is never an easy task, when it’s more exciting and rewarding to move onto the bigger and more dramatic jobs that bring visual pleasure.

None of you have ever seen my wardrobe or my bathroom cabinet, so it’s not really a priority to clean out the old and create space for new.

None of you would notice our roof in our bathroom needs to be reprinted, but finishing off a job properly right to its last conclusion brings deep satisfaction.

What little niggleing jobs are hiding as clouding the recesses of your mind?

I have a box of journals that needs to be cleaned out.

I have photo album after photo album that need to be sorted and compiled into a smaller and more beautiful compilation.

I have my wedding album that’s not finished.

I have the most terrible pile of craziness going on under my sink.

Then there is my husbands clothes cupboard.

Nesting plus renovating plus delightful friends makes for a pretty satisfying Saturday.

Try it!

It makes any cloudiness definitely clear away…


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