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Poison: antacid tablets ;(

Favorite things: family night

Today I have decided to start a 40 day lent reading program. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter and the reading plan I am embarking upon is all about the story of Easter and how it all came to being from the Bible.

Having a reading plan that keeps me accountable and takes me on a journey towards this beautiful and meaningful part of the year is really helpful.

To give ourselves a goal and to read with friends or others, then discuss what we are learning is the best way to discover.

My little God daughter asked me to help her with her homework tonight and to sit and read with her, encourage her, learn with her…is exactly what a reading plan is all about.

Plan to read with conjunction with someone, it truly is a noble endeavor.

Charl and I are reading a book on marriage at the moment and are going to start a discussion group with some of our friends about the book also to help one another grow in our marriage and relationships.

For some people this community orientated learning is no big deal because it’s already a part of their weekly life style, but for most to read and then collaboratively learn with a group was left behind at highschool and is far from normal in our society today.

Lent starts this wednesday, I will try to blog with my scriptures and lent themes.

Hopefully my reflections are helping someone, if not they are definitely helping me in a season of massive change…

What are you giving up this year for lent?


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