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The first grader

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Tonight we watched a movie that we had been searching to find!

Long story short- it was shown at UWA as a part of the Perth international arts festival, but we missed it. We searched and searched for it in DVD hire shops, online etc only to find its not released in Australia yet.

Then we found it online, so tonight we watched it together and it was worth every bit of the effort to find it…

The first grader is a story of an 84 year old Kenyan man who lived through the most horrendous war crimes and imprisonment, that decides he wants to learn to read and write in the twilight of his life.

The movie is such an inspiring portrayal of a life lived valuing education for every age and generation.

The power of education is lost in our first world society that takes for granted the immediacy of literacy for our children.

In Kenya this true story shows the desperation for education in third world economies and the reliance upon simple tools to learn the basics.

Imagine if you and I were in our 80s and unable to write or read? How would we survive the world that we live in?

I take my education for granted. I am taking the education in my child’s future for granted.

This movie has truly made me reflect on the amazing opportunity that is forwarded to us, just because of the postcode of our birth.

Education for every child across this earth is not a luxury afforded for all, yet I strongly believe it should be.

Education should be a right. Literacy should be a right for all. Sadly this is far from the reality.

If you have the opportunity to sponsor a child in their pursuit of education, do it!



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