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Longtime friends

Place: in the car

Poison: cordial

Favorite things: holiday afternoon sleeps

Tonight were on our way to have dinner with some our longest long term friends.

And there is nothing like it in the world.

Friends who accept you, listen to you, encourage you, love you for just who you are.

They see your potential but give you the grace to let the seasons take you there.

Some friendships don’t carriage through a new season and there are some friendships it doesn’t matter what happens you fall back into conversation quickly and with ease.

Developing friendships like this are not easy, because you need to spend enough time together that you create life long memories, but give each other enough space that you aren’t codependent.

I believe accepting people just as they are but having the courage to speak on occasions that encourage them towards their future, are the two main keys to long term friendship.

Long term Friendship is totally underrated in our unfriend, quick acceptance Facebook type of culture.

Call a friend you’ve know for more than 10 years and just check up on how they are going?

I’m sorry for the neighbors off berrigan drive tonight’s going to be a loud one!


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