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Beautiful little girls

Place: the doctors surgery

Poison: anti acid!

Favorite things: my new niece Chloe

My cousin Jo (more like my sister, as her mum and my mum are twins and we all grew up together!) gave birth to a little girl today.

She has three little boys under 7 and now the desire of her heart has come true a little girl.

Ever since we were little girls, she has wanted to be a mummy to a little girl. As much as every one of her boys gave her delight, throughout her whole pregnancy there has been a little hope, a little whisper, an unspoken dream that this child her fourth could wear pink!

And today that dream came true for her. Named after our Nanna ‘Joy’ Chloe Joy is sure to bring our family so much of it with the awareness of how longed for she was.

Jo and I announced our pregnancy on the same night at family night all those months ago. We were both barely 6-8 weeks but we couldn’t contain ourselves with our family, and here we are months later with a tiny new addition to our clan.

Jo has been 1 week ahead of me the whole pregnancy and went in early to have a c section…so roughly two to three weeks to go for us.

It feels very real now that little Chloe is here…

I wonder if we will have a little boy or girl?

Congrats Jo, James, William, Josh and Harry on your new little sister.

Very excited!

Aunty Manda

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