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Poison: banana bread

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It’s not until we feel a bit a pressure that the true substance of our character is revealed.

It is in the details, it is in the hard times, it is in the mire that we are proved.

A newborn screaming for attention at 3am, a work colleague that is representing you with disdain, a season of hope deferred.

What area of your character needs to be sharpened to reveal humility in the tough times?

Even the disciples struggled…

Lenten Reading

“Don’t be so sure,” Jesus said. “This very night, before the rooster crows up the dawn, you will deny me three times.” Peter protested, “Even if I had to die with you, I would never deny you.” All the others said the same thing. (Matthew 26:34, 35 MSG)

Pressure is a part of our everyday life and as the world gets darker and faster, the pressure in our world will increase.

From natural disasters, to the speed of our media saturation our world is in a pressure cooker, that one day will need release.

The only way we can survive though is humble ourselves and grow our character, so that in seasons of intensity we can fare well.

Don’t run from pressure, it is a proving ground, however be smart about the pressures that you expose yourself to.

We all have the capacity to slow our pace and our walks down, increasing our awareness of fruit of the spirit in our lives.

So that when the day comes that appointed pressure is applied we can display a character rich in Gods word and truth.

This Easter firstly assess where you can relieve unnecessary pressure in your world.

Secondly develop your character in the everyday so that you can withstand the seasons when pressure is duly applied.

Our work as God’s servants gets validated-or not-in the details. People are watching us as we stay at our post, alertly, unswervingly . . . in hard times, tough times, bad times; when we’re beaten up, jailed, and mobbed; working hard, working late, working without eating; with pure heart, clear head, steady hand; in gentleness, holiness, and honest love; (2 Corinthians 6:4-6 MSG)

Hmmm, challenged much?


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