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A burden shared

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One of the greatest moments I believe in the walk towards the place of the cross is outlined in this one verse

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As the soldiers led him away, they seized Simon from Cyrene, who was on his way in from the country, and put the cross on him and made him carry it behind Jesus. (Luke 23:26 NIV)

Simon from Cyrene was a fortunate man.

He was never mentioned in the bible again, but this man helped Christ at his greatest time of need.

The thought of helping Jesus, helping God is not something we think about often.

We can help God.

He asks that we share the burdens of our brothers and sisters. When this happens we are helping and honoring God.

The one thing motherhood has taught me in a very short space of time is how truly selfish we all are.

A newborn brings out every bit of selfishness in us. It shows us how we revert to selfish pride when pushed to extremes.

The beginning stages of a newborns life brings out the extremes.

3am struggles to fall back asleep, the inability to communicate truly what is wrong, sleep depravation, birth wounds and I could go on.

Although the walk of a newborn mother is no where near as extreme as Christ’s walk to the cross, I still believe that we all have the ability to help another and honor Christ.

Simon helped carry Christs cross and we have the capacity everyday to do this for another.

Lord open our eyes to those around us and show us how to help carry the burden of another.

Help me be more like Simone of Cyrene this Easter. Show me lord how to serve our fellow man by helping carry another mans cross.

Show me lord, open my eyes to the need and convince my hands to pick up the cross and help.


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