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Now I lay me down to sleep

Place: home

Poison: vitamin c tablets

Favorite things: lunch with friends

Nana naps are the best! My whole family are on their way to embark upon some nana nap goodness.

I think the Mexicans have it right. They sleep in, work a bit, then have a siesta in the afternoon, then stay up late.

I would have been the best Mexican, or Sicilian or Lebanese in a village.

The problem is right at the time my little man settles in for his longest sleep, from 8pm lately till 12pm, that is my favorite part of the night. Then 5am when he’s ready to play I’m Cactus.

Why wasnt he born a Mexican?

He’s less than 2 months old so I need to be grateful he is sleeping at all. He’s pulling out some 6 hr sleeps so I should be stoked.

Anyway, I know I talk alot about not wasting time and living a life of purpose and living with inspiration.

But having a great sleep routine and finding ways to rest and recover is an important part of re-creation.

Charl (my body builder husband) always says to me, muscles are built whilst you sleep babe.

Sometimes the best ideas, the best direction of change, the best concepts just need a bit of sleep to develop.

So if you are free from the stretch of newborn broken sleep. Embrace it. Light a candle, have a glass of milk, have a long bath, change your bedding and sheets, sprinkle some lavender oil, clean out the clutter from your sleeping space, stop reading text messages/fcebook/tumblr/twitter/Instagram/the list goes on and on in bed.

Create a peaceful place of sleep.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

If you struggle to sleep find a verse like this from scripture and repeat and meditate on it. He does make you dwell in safety and in peace he helps us lay down and sleep.


I’m done.

First time in 7 weeks I can say I truly need a little nap.

The perils of a newborn.


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