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Exhausted much?

Place: Brisbane airport

Poison: Pepsi max

Favorite things: coming home

My blog will be extremely short today, as I can’t guarantee that it will make sense.

(I just tried to write guarantee four times, hmm)

After an amazing weekend and a day at movie world with an 8 week old baby, my adrenalin has all run out.

Waking every 3 hours to feed, a 2 hour time difference on the back of a crazy week.

I’m not super human and neither are you, so there are times of necessary hibernation.

I am going into hibernation this week. I don’t really want to see anyone except my little family and stay home with my crocheting and my coffee machine.

After times of extreme adrenalin, it’s so important we plan times to recover. My husband had a bad case of adrenaline fatigue when we first met, he medicated with caffeine and eventually his body really suffered.

If your body was a fuel gauge, where are you sitting right now…exhausted much or full to overflowing…

If you are scarily close to empty, find a way refuel. Stop, recover and reassess…


Exhausted much.


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