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Place: Home

Poison: cordial

Favourite Things: my new ring from my husband

One is the number that sets precedence for all others that follow it. One is the foundation of celebrations that follow.

Today is the very first of our anniversaries and we have taken this moment to create traditions that will last a lifetime.

We decided that we would buy each other a book for each anniversary and write in the front of it. Instead of presents, instead of extravagant outings. We decided that we would base our marriage on wisdom, base our marriage on truth ad base our marriage on the simple things.

We had dinner at home, we danced to songs from our wedding, our young son slept in his own room for the first time. I cooked a yummy meal and we shared memories from this last year.

I love traditions. Simple things that create memories. They don’t need to cost alot, extravagant gestures can be all in the thought put behind them.

Thoughtful moments, when we take time in the midst of our circumstance can be revolutionary.

It just takes one. One moment to celebrate another, one time to start a new tradition.

Who do you need to start a tradition with?

Your child? Your partner?

How can you create memories that last a lifetime?

Money and time are no excuse.

It just takes risk and thought.

Happy first anniversary Charl, you light up my life.


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