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Wasting time

Place: home

Poison: water

Favorite things: a new scarf

At the moment I have a little boy asleep and I should be capturing this moment to do anything but floating around on social media.

I get these little windows of opportunities to do the washing, to clean the dishes, to prepare for dinner, to crochet, to read my book for connect group, to write my manuscript, to pay bills without a nine week old around.

However I seem to spend most of these windows flirting around on Facebook, pinterest, twitter, Instagram and blogs.

Whatever did I do before all these time wasters?

I really need to form myself a new routine. A routine that creates time for play, time for exercise, time for chores and time for rest.

It’s so easy to flutter away a day. It reminds me of how easy it is to flutter money away at places like the royal show or a casino and the like.

Imagine if our precious moments, our hours and our days were as valuable as money and each minute was worth one dollar. Imagine how much more we would be careful of the way we spent them.

I suppose thats how employers feel about their staff and why so many are annoyed with people using social media on their time. Each minute is paid for.

What happens when your not paid for your minutes though?

Are they any less valuable?

I think not.

My time now is even more valuable because it’s punctuated with first moments for my son, it’s celebrated with quiet reflection time for myself after a season of great endeavor, it’s calculated by longing for health and energy encouraged by exercise.

My time, our time, is worth so much more than being wasted.

Does this mean all social media endeavors are wasteful?

No, they just need to be explored within boundaries and not take over the important goals we have planned for our every day.

I’m thinking of creating myself a little diary of what matters for these stay at home days, that include research, play, tv, music, exercise, cooking and so much more.

I don’t want these days to escape me but I also want to enjoy the freedom this season presents.

Enjoying every minute of motherhood, even the explosive number 3 nappies!

All my love and lots of cups of tea



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